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Kittens +  Grenade


This is me, home early because I'm too short of breath to concentrate on my work and I was starting to get dizzy. I'm panting like a damn fish out of water.

Have doc appt. on Wednesday. Or however the hell that day of the week is spelled.

But I do have to comment, before I go lay down... something I saw on the slow drive home... how hubristic is this:

License plate: H I L Y F V D
Plate frame: Warning: In case of Rapture, vehicle will be unmanned

Highly Favored and a Rapture reference. Isn't pride one of the deadly sins or something? Makes me hope there IS an afterlife so some people can get told personally by God, "No seriously. You suck."

Oh yes. And it was a black SUV.


hope you feel better.

I know I do after that little pride comment about the liscence plate humor. Heh!


How much of a coincidence is this?

This article was just posted to the wtf_inc community I'm in...

Re: How much of a coincidence is this?


O thank you SO MUCH for sharing. Darwin, thou art king.
I have often said that if there really is a Second Coming, the Jesus Junkies will be the first ones in the hardware store looking for fresh timber and nails to put him on the cross again...
"No, I'm sorry, the Jews were right!"

-Rowan Atkinson

In case of 'Rapture'...

Even though I was raised Christian, this saying always made me think of sexual activity behind the wheel.
Aye caramba. I know I always blink at the people who have the brass balls to proclaim "I WILL be raptured when the time comes!!!111" You hit the nail right on the head with the pride thing. ¬_¬
All religions tend to have no lack of hypocrites. ;)