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Not fun

'kay... Watering and trimming the garden just left me totally exhausted and kinda out of breath. I know I'm out of shape - this is not a function of that. This is not normal tired. Something in my system is vera unhappy, and if I'm not mistaken, it's in my respiratory system.

If this ain't better in a few days, I'm going to the doc.

Aw CRAP - Got up too late to get to the post office and apply for passport. Damn damn damn...

I should have enough time for processing if I apply next weekend.... if not, I can shell out for expedited processing. I'd try to maybe get up early and go to the office before work, but with this virus or whatever the hell bringing me down, I don't think I can afford the extra activity and loss of sleep.


I'm gonna go curl up in front of the Sci-Fi bad weather marathon and untangle my hair.

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