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Kittens +  Grenade

The envelope that mom sent

This is what contained the earrings. The opal earrings. Somehow I don't think they would scan well tho.


*lurves opals*

Your mom must have good taste!
I heart opals to death, and stuff. They're my birthstone. (Pink tourmaline is.... ew. Just ew.)
Awwwh, what a sweet picture. :)

Ahhh..okay...now I see the envelope...

I've seen these envelopes(there are cards that match up with them)in the greeting card section upstairs at the Long Beach Barnes and Noble. I think I sent one of my nieces a similar design. I think they're wonderfully drawn.
Aw, sweet!
Oh that is so cool. ^_^
^__^ No wonder you were all squeely! That's totally beautiful. 'Tis you and your honey bunny XP Happy birthday sweetie. *hugs*
Ah yes, the "Rabbits of the Rainbow" series by Pamela Silin-Palmer. I have a large number of them collected for use in various occasions. Perfect for SCA & Faire types, Christians, and of course bunny lovers.

You can see more of her work at www.pamelasilinpalmer.com
Wuuuu. Mom has sent me these before, I heart them.