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Kittens +  Grenade

Dridget Bones' Jiary

I have severely annoyed one of my coworkers due to my refusal to see Bridget Jones' Diary. Either 1 or 2. She says I need to have an open mind (certainly one of the strangest things I have yet heard in reference to myself).

I do not think it is a matter of an open mind. I simply find that genre of movie to be completely lacking in any element that would spark my interest. If I'm going to spend two hours of my life in front of a screen it had better have explosions or monsters or aliens or furries or animals or naked people doing interesting things.

I'm not squicked. I'm not saying it doesn't have value (how can I, because I haven't seen it?). I am simply. Not. Interested.

This came up because my boss suggested a movie date, and apparently my tastes are the limiting factor. This is not encouraging me to socialize with them. People ask why furries don't mix with mundanes, it is not snobbery, it is bullshit like this.

Well... at least ONE of my coworkers is a geek. But she disparages my lack of interest in the Jem animated series. (She pointed out it was highly sexualized, I pointed out that at that age I avoided anything with that much pink and glitz as if it were contagious.) Woe.

EDIT: Fixed spelling. Jem not Gem. Not that I care, but... ;P


Snicker, actually that would be: JEM the animated series. Don't feel bad about not wanting to see it... it's really only for people who love cheezy cartoons or have fond memories of watching it... or really really want to hear bad/good/terrible/side splitting music. And this is from someone who actually likes the show. ;)

I don't understand why people take disinterest so personally... I mean I figure they probably think that the disinterest in their favorite movie somehow translates into you saying it's a ball suck shit fest of a film... but really that's a bit ridiculous.

I hope things work out.