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Kittens +  Grenade

Dridget Bones' Jiary

I have severely annoyed one of my coworkers due to my refusal to see Bridget Jones' Diary. Either 1 or 2. She says I need to have an open mind (certainly one of the strangest things I have yet heard in reference to myself).

I do not think it is a matter of an open mind. I simply find that genre of movie to be completely lacking in any element that would spark my interest. If I'm going to spend two hours of my life in front of a screen it had better have explosions or monsters or aliens or furries or animals or naked people doing interesting things.

I'm not squicked. I'm not saying it doesn't have value (how can I, because I haven't seen it?). I am simply. Not. Interested.

This came up because my boss suggested a movie date, and apparently my tastes are the limiting factor. This is not encouraging me to socialize with them. People ask why furries don't mix with mundanes, it is not snobbery, it is bullshit like this.

Well... at least ONE of my coworkers is a geek. But she disparages my lack of interest in the Jem animated series. (She pointed out it was highly sexualized, I pointed out that at that age I avoided anything with that much pink and glitz as if it were contagious.) Woe.

EDIT: Fixed spelling. Jem not Gem. Not that I care, but... ;P



it's a fucking crying shame when a person can't know what she likes and doesn't like and gets that kind of bullshit for it.

Jesus tapdancing christ...on a sidecar flipping flapjacks even...

*I* don't want to see that stupid movie. How difficult is it to...

Fuck...I don't know. They're stupid. I wish to stomp them.

*whistles for Godzilla*

Heaven forfend you not be interested in something. Godfuckingdamn...

Oh no, you don't...*GASP* have your own tastes???!!!???eleventy111

This really chafes me.

That's it.

I stomp dem.

book was better than the movie anyway
But didn't you know? All we females are supposed to have the same taste in everything!

Seriously, the two people who have the closest tastes to my own in most things are my spousal unit and my friend Jennifer, both of whom were born with dicks.

Bridget Jones' Diary, the first one, featured Renee Zellweger actually looking sexy -- she gained enough weight for the role to be attractive.

Other than that, I see no reason why this would be a "can't miss" movie. I mean, I have enough normal people doing everyday things in my life as it is, right?
Well, I hate to say it, but now you know how I feel when the furry gang wants to go out to movies and invites me along about 80% of the time....;)

The only thing I can suggest as an answer- and it may not work at all- is to suggest a movie for the outing that YOU want to see- and put them in the same place they put you for refusing their boring mundane craptastic flickeroo....

Seriously, Sarah.
Now you know why I never was comfortable making friendships pretty much anywhere I've ever worked.


I've gotten that kind of attitude for disliking anime and sports. Oh, and video games. All I can say is... pish tosh! I like what I like and I dislike what I dislike, and there's nothin' wrong with thatto.
Wow, I'm not the only one who thought Jem was icky superficial girlglitz rubbish. I was far happier with My Little Pony, at that age. The whole popstar/glitterati lifetysle thing just didn't appeal to me, regardless of what deeper content it may have held.
Snicker, actually that would be: JEM the animated series. Don't feel bad about not wanting to see it... it's really only for people who love cheezy cartoons or have fond memories of watching it... or really really want to hear bad/good/terrible/side splitting music. And this is from someone who actually likes the show. ;)

I don't understand why people take disinterest so personally... I mean I figure they probably think that the disinterest in their favorite movie somehow translates into you saying it's a ball suck shit fest of a film... but really that's a bit ridiculous.

I hope things work out.
Gah, JEM was a Barbie show, intended to try to hook young gils by being hip and with-it. There's one almost every year, with 2004's example being Totally Spies. Show her Wolf's Rain, and point out the cute guys in it.

read the book instead

The book is actually a total hoot, it's so over the top. The movie was cute, but only if you've seen the A & E PRIDE AND PREJUDICE with Colin Firth and get all the Darcy references. (Frex, Firth played Mr. Darcy in P & P and plays "Marc Darcy" in BJD... and in EDGE OF REASON, Bridget interviews Firth-as-himself about his acting career, including his role as Mr. Darcy -- if that sort of bizarre inside-out joke appeals, then read the book.)

I listened to an unabridged audiobook version of EDGE OF REASON while commuting to work and almost became a menace to the road, I laughed so hard. Only a tiny smidgeon of the truly demented humor comes through in the movie. I repeat, read the book instead.


What's sad, now that I think about it, was that I liked JEM... I hate pink. As for BJD... *ptht* If I want that, I'll wake up in the morning. Oh wait, I did. Drat.
Well...heck, THEY can go and have a movie date! You get to sit in familiar surroundings and draw/read/write DBZ/furry pr0n. :) Sounds good to me. XD

War ponies forever~! Rah!
*points below* Hey, if THEY all want to go see a movie, terrific! But for some reason, if one person is not keen on it, then it cannot happen. It's like the freaking Get-Along Gang. Only less cool. And man, that's a REALLY low level of cool.
This may be an unpopular opinion, but why don't you just go? Preventing everyone else from enjoying the movie simply because you don't want to seems a bit petty to me. At least you're getting out of two hours of work, right? Bring along a Game Boy and turn off the sound ;)
Yeah they tried that too...

"At the very least, you can take a nap!"

Unfortunately it would not be getting out of work. The idea would be we'd all show to work at like 7:30 so we could get out by 3 and see da movie. Far too much pain.

And I have no idea why Me Not Going is not an option. But it isn't. It's not... Politic. I can't exactly explain why, but I wish it wasn't so. I really do.


How about suggesting a movie you wouldn't mind seeing instead?

Re: counter-offer

I suggested Ladder 49 and they looked at me as if I'd just suggested Zardoz.

Re: counter-offer

Sigh. I don't suppose they'd go for SKY CAPTAIN or the shark thing?

Re: counter-offer

See... Sky Captain is mostly out of theatres by now... this is a relatively near-future thing, not a right-now thing.

What shark thing?


SHARK TALE, just out. Looks like another FINDING NEMO.

I have no idea what will be out in the near future, although I'm sure there are ways of discovering.

We still haven't seen SKY CAPTAIN. Bronchitis interfered with the time planned, but it's still around so I may sneak off to a matinee this week.