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Thom again

zomg I drew.


Awwww... 'e's so kyoote!!! :)

NICE!!! muurrr.. I wanna take him home wif me :)

I wanna see more manawuf artwork!
Squee! Teh ky00te! :)


This PROVES he's MINE!!!

Thom: *murfling in agreement into Sage's rear* Mmhmf... *Sage was right... ain't gots all day. Which meant it was happy pokey hump time! Tail battering the air, he manages to pull his nose away from the Saiyajin's rear and edge his hips up. The pup licks his chops as he positions the tip of his pink shaft, spare hand on Sage's rear*

Sage: *letting Thom hold him in place as he feels the hot tip of Thom's cock on his entrance* Tease...c'mon...shove it in...you got me all ready for it...isn't it about time for happy pokey humping??? *when they weren't fucking, he couldn't say that with a straight face, but with Thom about to mount him, it was surprising what could come out of his mouth...* Fuck me Thom....c'mon...*puuuuuuuuuuuuuring*

SEE?? TOTALLY MINE!!! *drags Thom off for more happy pokey humping*
I wanna stroke his fur and scratch him behind the ears ^.^
Ohhh he's so sexy and adorable... I wanna pet him. I like his furry mane, and how his hands are not quite paws or hands. Very cute. ^.^
Yay! Wuffygal Draw Happy Puppy! :)
Love it!
Gods, I love the way you draw feet! They always look so lovely and big and I guess I prefer them more animalistic. As usual, beautiful fur detail ... and his ears are gorgeous. And the little tongue! <3

One criticism ... his left front paw / hand ... I don't know if it's just me, but the wrist just seems a little off.

Gah, I love it. Draw more! Now! >:O
*giggles and blushes*

I prefer digitigrade feet too. And big feet are always good. xD
The expression is adorable, and I love how his tail is drawn :>