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The heat - and my injury - has been hard on the aquarium.

From what I can tell (there are about four who I never see, they may or may not be alive), I lost the betta, the last of the platys, and the otocinculus - my oldest tank inhabitant. ;__; So, I actually started thinking... maybe I shouldn't get another betta. Their temperaments limit the other tank inhabitants... and I get too attached to them, and then when something happens to make tank maintenance fall by the wayside - which it always does - they die... and I feel guilty...

So, I was picking up another filter when I saw the fancy guppies. O. M. G. So pretty!! Just as much shiny variety as bettas... and they DON'T FIGHT. Not if you don't mix genders, anyway. So I can get a bunch, and it's like a school of individualistic neon tetras or something. Pretty and stupid.

I took a day to think about it.... I am low on funds after all. I decided, screw it, I need the pretties. They're only $2 each, right?

I got a gold apple snail and five guppies. A half-black blue, a mosaic with a huge tail, two gold/green snakeskins, and a pastel blue. They are swarming very cutely ATM.

I still have a billion and one snails. I would think the clown loach had bit the dust too, but I know him too well. Besides, he's a bottom-feeder, and as far as I know (never see the khulis) they all made it just fine... (except for the oto, and they're cool-temperature fish anyway).

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