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It's one of those It's-so-hot-and-dry-your-lungs-hurt sort of days.

I rather like it.

Then again, I was raised here.

EDIT: Lest I forget... my chocolate bar had somewhat melted due to said heat. It didn't break into pieces like normal. It just.... bent.

That's OK, I like melted chocolate. ;P


Ugh... I feel your pain. Try Phoenix sometime. >_

No thanks. =^.6=

I'm having enough of a problem with the weather here, thankyouverymuch. =-.-=
I can only wish it was dry here; it's hot and *humid*, which I can't stand x_x *wishes for dry weather*
If it was humid... I'd be dead. x_x
Oh hon, I'm so very not with you on this one. Large and fair body types like mine just do not do well in this weather. I've refilled and emptied that over-sized pooh mug four times today.....in a few minutes, make that five.
Heh... well, my heritage is largely Russo-European, so I dunno what excuse I have.

I do remember being young in this kind of heat and fantasizing about being a camel. Dress light, load up on the water... and for god's sakes wet down your hair, man!!! ;)

I dunno... there's just... a kind of loose-limbed lassitude this heat engenders that I find enjoyable. Between the breeze (a must) and air dryness, the feeling of heat being wicked off my skin is very nice.
Melted chocolate bars are one of the best things in life!!! ^.^