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Kittens +  Grenade

Oh yes, that's right. Arches.

I can now walk.

Unfortunately, this means I can also tell that my arches have degraded. Especially the one, but both of them.

Ow. Ow. Ow.

I'm gonna go bawl like a baby. Some kinds of pain I can manage rather well. Especially given a reason. (i.e., sucking it up with a freshly-broken ankle so I can crawl to the door and get help.) This does not fit into that category.


oh honey....

Gods...that just...fuck...*hugs you tight*
=( Wish I could just carry you where ever you needed to go... Hope this pain doesn't last for too long sweetie... *hugs*


When my feet hurt, I am miserable so I can empathize with your agony.

Can any good arch support insert help get them back to 'normal'?

Re: *hug*

Ah ha... ah ha ha... I've been wearing them since I was (give or take) 15. u_u; But... thanks for the suggestion.
But yay you can walk! :)

The pain WILL lessen with time as your arches strengthen. I promise you that. *pets*

Can you con someone into rubbing your feet?