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Kittens +  Grenade

Too much time on 4chan

zOMG someone has seen too much DBZ.

The Ki Blast or Energy Punches are easiest with an open hand. Curving the thumb inward a bit strengthens the hand, so when curved it boosts the power more.

AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA... No, it's only impressive if there are rocks and stuff flying around.


Yuh, that's about right. XD

The ridicule people expose themselves to... Or maybe he wants it. God knows.


You know, that's positively adorable when my 5 year old does it (and mispronounces Kamehameha), but this guy... *sigh* Somehow, I find myself hoping he is NOT one of my online friends.
My sister used to do that thing he did in the video when she was a baby 8D


He's making a curly brace with his hands! {