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Kittens +  Grenade

Note to self: never, ever break ankle again.

I'm goiiiing to get my cast off whee

& probably another one put on..... walking cast and all that.... or something.

And I'm done with the icky dreams now. Really. Plzkthx. God, this whole week has been a long string of not really nightmares, but certainly not pleasant dreams. I'm not sure if I prefer the spiders, or workplace drama.

You know it's bad when you're dreaming about work.


*hug* I hope things go better for you, dear.
And no... PLEASE dont break your ankle again :P

Hmmph, dreaming about work sucks... but you know whats worse?

Now, almost 10 years out of college, and I STILL have dreams about being in college. You know, the dreams where you wake up thinking that you have finals in calculus, that you havent studied for? And for that matter, you dont remember anything hardly about??? Urf... I still do. Its a releif when the disorientation wears off and I realize it was just a dream. *HUGS*

Dreams about work are bad enough though :/ And spiders.. yeah :P thats worse.
Hi Noelani, if its cool im gona add you to my friends list. (Letting ya' know cuz I feel strange about adding people without informing them.)

And ew, broken anything is never fun! G'luck & get well soon!