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Kittens +  Grenade

Shallow waters at the moment.

Aw hell yeah.

Not work safe in any way, shape or form, unless you work at ZZ Studios.

In other news.... saw AVP last night, rather late. Am paying for it with odd mood behavior due to shifting of sleep schedule. However, will see again. *Practically masturbated in theatre*

Yes, alien baby. Do me now. Do me.


New referrence material.

I'm not planning to see AVP in the theater.
I'm a cheap bastard, and I was planning on either catch it when it hits the local dollar cinema, or see it on home video.

Should be about two to three weeks for it to hit the dollar houses. With only $30 mil at the end of the first weekend, it's going to fade fast.

Anyone remember when that sort of money meant you had a smash hit? (Old fogey.)
Yeah, don't remind me...;)

Heehee. ^_^ That extreme restraints site is great. I could probably drop a few bills there pretty easily. o_o
I usually use the Sub Shop ... they don't have nearly as big a selection, but there's a curious intimacy there. The picture accompanying every item shows the proprietor modeling it herself.

If I had an unlimited budget ...
Bond Age Beanbag. At the bottom of the page. ^_^
> Yes, alien baby. Do me now. Do me.

Mmm, xeno. Time to put in more time on Puzzlebox, yes... ^.^
*laugh* Wow, talk about a lot of stuff!

OooooooOOOOOOooooo so we enjoyed it, precioussss? Was lots of nice predatory fun? *big, toothy grin*