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Human pieces

Oh. My. GOD I'm tired.

Wolf managed to slice his finger open on a piece of plexiglass while attempting to load groceries into the trunk. (There is more to it, but that is a sum up.) What followed was rather comedic, as he is was the only able-bodied driver among us. Once the local TJs helped him bandage up, he drove Sardonicus home and dumped the groceries on the sidewalk, then drove me with him to the hospital. (I was moral support / card & phone holder. Or something.)

It really was too amusing - me in the wheelchair and cast, him (the person actually seeing the doc) with a bandaged finger. Between us we make a whole body... somewhere along the line.

Thank goodness he was still able to drive with his right hand. I was prepared to attempt driving with my left foot.... the going would have been extremely slow, however.

But now. Bed.

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