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Kittens +  Grenade


Vegeta.... as.... Togepei....



*blink* *blink* That was... interesting.
Okay, I wanna read this now!
Oh, and to make matters worse ...

I was not the first one to notice that in the later Sonic the Hedgehog games, when Sonic becomes Hyper Sonic, he leaps up into the air, arms and legs akimbo with his fists clenched and pointed upwards, and his fur turns from blue to blonde.

I really wanna see the fanfic that results in the people of Mobius being descended from the Saiyans, or tells what happens when Vegeta's quest for power leads him to seek the Chaos Emeralds.
What the :D

That’s great, I want it XD
......... I hate you two forever for showing me that.

*goes back to rocking in the corner*
F... f... forever? *pout pout pout*

Does this mean you won't pimp me?