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Kittens +  Grenade

Better today

Sardonicus took me out for a walk/roll around the neighborhood. Sunlight / vitamin D is good.

In other news, our cool neighbor is getting evicted? Landlord says "Everyone's been complaining about the dogs." Well, WE haven't, and neither has anyone else she's asked. What the fuck.


Landlords are pure egalitarians. They think of themselves as being the same as everyone.

That is, they think of "themselves" as the same as "everyone."
He doesn't even live on the property tho.... >_>
That might not be enough to stop him. :/

I once had to leave an apartment because the landlord wouldn't do anything about the loud tenants next door to me, saying "no one else ever complained." Probably because they were on the end of the building, and every other adjoining apartment was vacant.

Some landlords have a logic all their own. :P