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Kittens +  Grenade

Contemplate contemplate.

I'm seriously considering creating a kinder, gentler vcl_horrors. Call it... vcl-www or summat... aka VCL: Wild, Wierd & Wonderful. All the cool links, none of the mean-spirited bashing. Discussion of kink as well as "wtf?!" Stuff that makes you giggle and stuff that pushes kink buttons you're quite sure you shouldn't have.

Anyone else interested? And/or would help moderate? And/or... ?

EDIT: Screw it. It now exists. vcl_kink


I'm sure I'll be featured prominently in it....;)

I seldom go to VCL anymore, (I just never think of it for some reason,) but I will join this LJ group.
I didn't know about the other one- and since I do not approve of bashing people whose art is not up to professional and/or polished standards, I have no interest in going to it.




And one of my POtDs was first choice. I'm surprised it wasn't a Winger piece.

Re: whats in a name?

Hey, got a middle name? Mine's Madeliene.

Re: whats in a name?


Your middle name is MADELIENE?! How come I didn't know that?!


Re: whats in a name?

Uh.... because I... never tell anyone? Unless it comes up? *grovels*

< manawolf factoid > I was born in UCLA Hospital! < / manawolf factoid >