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Can't stop laughing.

I want an organisim.


I think everyone wants an organism.. *snorts*
Or something.
You know... in the days of Shakespeare, there was no standard for spelling. He had three different ways alone of spelling his own name - it wasn't until fairly recently that people decided we'd all best understand what was being said if everything was spelled to a certain conformity.

That said, apparently this guy missed the memo. That, and the one that says usually those dealing out sex advice on their LJ's are the ones getting the least of it. Particularly if they don't know enough about it to even SPELL the word orgasm, much less give one.
*eyes some of the responses* ........ is that journal a fake? After reading some of the flamebaiting responses, and some of the other entries, I kinda think it is... >_>;; It's that, or my respect for mankind is about to hit an all-time low.
Three? Try three hundred!

And erf... glytterpixiebat is so naïve it's almost painful.
Seriously? I knew there were three he used fairly frequently, plus some random alternative spellings.. o.O Geez, it's like an early form of those people who spell their names as "Jehnee" or "Anndreeya".

I seriously think Glytterpixiebat is flamebaiting. I had my doubts at first, but reading through it.. :P No way they could be serious.
Or something like that. I once saw a partial list of ways he spelt his name, and it had like three dozen different spellings in it (although I suppose most of them were those random alternative spellings you mention).
I am praying that either this person is joking, or they have a neural disorder/brain damage.
I am glazing into your eyes....
*cracks up*

I slap your butt. WITH ELEGANCE.