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Kittens +  Grenade

Don't need this dream interpreted, thanks

Last night I dreamed that I found Radar. And then lost him again.

That sucks on SO many levels.


Radar was a kitten that I found outside a supermarket where I live, and called Manawolf to see if she wanted it because trhere was something about him that instantly grabbed my attention and demanded my help.
(Call it my imagination or a mental plea for rescue; it doesn't matter.)
He was so frightented and lonely- and turned out to be affectionate and trusting beyond any cat I've ever known.

Manawolf and I used to joke that he was our love child.

Tamar, I know you didn't mean any harm in your joke.
I know you are a good person who doesn't inflict pain knowingly; and I know from reading your journal that you regret it deeply.

Probably best to let the whole subject pass without further commentary.

Sarah, I will try to get up there to visit soon as I can.