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Kittens +  Grenade

Don't need this dream interpreted, thanks

Last night I dreamed that I found Radar. And then lost him again.

That sucks on SO many levels.


You lost Radar again? What, no echo?
Thank you so much for a joke at the expense of my grief.
Sorry, was just trying to make you smile.
I sometimes humor in the light of a serious situation can make the coping a little better (Not an attempt to make you feel worst).
Now that I think about it, I guess that was kinda wack. Sorry about that. I guess I should have attempted to find out who Radar was before commenting (thought it may have been a pet or something).

You can smack me next con you see me.
*sigh* He was. He was also my child, and died very unexpectedly before reaching 1 year of age. It broke my heart and I cried myself to sleep for a very long time, and could not even think about him without getting severely depressed for a year afterwards. Even now - obviously - I'm not done grieving.
That was...SO uncalled for...

dreams of loss

Sweetheart, even now I sometimes dream of finding my parents alive. I wake up filled with longing and sadness, but a little bit more healed, touched again with their love. I agree with you that intellectual interpretations don't help. Instead, trust your heart; it knows what it's doing.

I do know the feeling of those sorts of dreams. With Rhys, yes, but more often with my grandparents...though they have wicked senses of humor from the beyond. *eyes spectral grandparents*

But it's a horrible feeling, yeah...I know. The last dream I had like that was an exchange...I got Rhys back, but..."they" took Ripley...I just remember crying that yes, I wanted my boy back, but not at the expense of my daughter...>.<

*gives you lots and lots of loving, smothering hugs*
Radar was a kitten that I found outside a supermarket where I live, and called Manawolf to see if she wanted it because trhere was something about him that instantly grabbed my attention and demanded my help.
(Call it my imagination or a mental plea for rescue; it doesn't matter.)
He was so frightented and lonely- and turned out to be affectionate and trusting beyond any cat I've ever known.

Manawolf and I used to joke that he was our love child.

Tamar, I know you didn't mean any harm in your joke.
I know you are a good person who doesn't inflict pain knowingly; and I know from reading your journal that you regret it deeply.

Probably best to let the whole subject pass without further commentary.

Sarah, I will try to get up there to visit soon as I can.


I'm so sorry Sarah.. Radar was such a sweet kitty... I miss him too, though I'm sure not as much as you as his mommy does... :hugs: I know losing someone is a really terrible thing... and to have to relive it through dreams is even worse...

I'm so sorry - and I hope that the pain goes away....

Thanks. As my mom suggests... this is me working through it. Don't think it will ever go away, but it's improved over time... just surprises me sometimes still.

*hugs you tiggggtt

*nuzzles into your neck, smoothering you with lovings*