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Saiyajin Female

It's all in how you use it

... Okay, yes, so per chrissawyer I was intrigued to go look at VCL Horrors.

And, exactly as I have done with PoE, gone through the links and said repeatedly "Cool! Neat! And I know that other guy... hey, all the COOL people are listed here! Ooooh, hot stuff... Eh, to each his own.... hey, how THAT hits the kink button!"

Definitely not what they intended. But I'm enjoying myself, so I don't bloody well care what they intended or what they think.

*goes to investigate gay nonmorphic wolf hawt sexxorz*

As for the community... I'm not shocked by the art. I'm shocked by the fact there are still people shocked by Disney-based porn. Where the hell have you guys been? Lion King porn is... it's classic! Some individuals seem to have so much fun being shocked/horrified/brain-meltdowned that they cultivate prudish blinders and then go exposing the Internet upon their eyes. And I thought dismemberment fans were masochistic. No, some of these people take the cake, they really do. Eat it. EAT IT.

< /flagellation >


The kids, they are adorable in all their manufactured outrage, yes. :D
Outrage over LK porn is so 90's. Don't they know it's moved on to Kim Possible? (Once you've had a naked mole rat, baby, it's hard to go back.)
I've looked at VCL Horrors too - and the people definately disturb me more than the art ^.^,

They say they hate it so much but they sit there talking about it, looking for it, linking to it, and being way more into it than probably the artist was in making it ^.^,

I think I saw Disney porn before I saw Sailor Moon hentai - and that was a loooong time ago ^.^!

I think, like any other thing - its just a bunch of people trying to get personal votes by using someone else to make fun of. If they can get the most comments on their 'finding', they are somehow popular and important... in their own little deludenoid world...