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Yay wheelchair

I lub my wheelchair, yes I do!

I have wanted one for a while, actually, to use at theme parks and whatever... sure, I ought to work on my arch strength, but beating them into the ground brutally during one day never improved them, it just causes incredible pain. Doesn't help my temperament any, either.

So now, I finally have one, it is teh bomb... sure, it's an old model, and needs tweaking and a few replacements and MUCHO cleaning, but I am no longer exhausted by the trip from the car to the front door! And.... and I can putter around the kitchen! And CARRY THINGS FOR MYSELF!!! It's incredible and amazing and I lub it!!!

Now I will decorate it with rainbows and call it George.

(This is probably the vicodin speaking. Move along, nothing to see here.)

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