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Kittens +  Grenade


OMG. I drewed.


It's a miracle, or something.

But I'm reasonably sure it's cute.




Theres no spooge!

Yeah, I know I'm gonna smoke a turd in hell for that one, but I just HAD to....

Heh heh.;P

Feeling silly and VERY cabin-fevered right now....

*smirks* This can be arranged... Mind you, I expect he's no older than 7...

Gah, I've been corrupted! Damn you, talonsage!!
oh don't you DARE blame ME!!!

*glare glare glare giggle*

Anyway, that's Thom NOW, right? Not when...uh...you know...er...

*walks off whistling not-so-innocently-anymore*

Okay- is that human years or dog years?

*Snrk* Whichever one makes him pre-pubescent yet out of diapers.

God I'm a sick puppeh.
Just remember you said it- I didn't!