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Kittens +  Grenade

Too tired for proper entry

I am so exhausted from hobbling around on crutches it's not even funny. This, of course, makes me less productive at work, and both today and yesterday I fell down on the way into the door. Stairs: 2, Manawolf: 0.

Oh yes, and Fireball broke the aquarium hood. Grrr.

Being able to bathe = good.

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. anime score: 17
2. music score: 16
3. reading score: 15
4. writing score: 15
5. psychology score: 15
6. internet score: 15
7. manga score: 14
8. livejournal score: 14
9. japan score: 12
10. soul coughing score: 12
11. hot topic score: 12
12. hentai score: 11
13. religion score: 11
14. bardock score: 11
15. sage score: 11
16. gir score: 11
17. yuri score: 11
18. dragon ball z score: 11
19. saiyajin score: 11
20. x-files score: 11

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coded by ixwin
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oh MAN is Sage preening...*eyes the chibi* No, your Mama didn't even make the list...stop it!!!

Sage: *preens* I TOLD you...EVERYONE WANTS ME!!!
*snorts* I have ALL those listed. *preens*

*sighs* I swear, I'd go over there and carry you if I could. Except ... uhm ... I'm here ... and I'm pathetically weak. ^^;;

Talk to you soon, love ...
*chuckles* Most of these I didn't think to list because they're redundant. Dragonball Z vs. Dragon Ball Z... ^_6

and I'm pathetically weak. ^^;;

Oh, this made me laugh this morning. <3 you SO MUCH!!!! *babbles endearments*