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Suckage, then cheering up

Suckity suck suck donkey dong suck.

That's my life right about now...

When I was a child, this would have been idyllic. Sitting around, having people bring me food, nothing to do but watch TV or read or draw (if I felt like it, which I haven't). I would have soaked this shit up.


I'm stir-crazy. I want to garden, clean things, shove stuff around, go shopping. Oh god, I want to shop. I want to go to thrift stores and check out the funky stuff, or to Ross and get sucked into buying way more than I went there for.

Things I want:
Waffle Iron
Garden/shower stool - <3 sardonicus
Wheely stool
The makings for a proper herb pot (barrel + soil + plantz)
Kitchen shelves
More kitchen impliments
Cool wicker baskets for stuff containment
More pillows
A new ankle

I placated this urge to some minor extent by ordering some stuff from Stash Tea, and some new checks with my current address. (Yes, finally.)

... And now Talon has made me feel gooey and mushy. God, between this (secret surprise Ponderosa commission) and Kabu, how can I possibly stay in a bad mood?

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