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Kittens +  Grenade

You mean I what?


Apparently, I DO have to have surgery.

Yes, it is but a fracture. But is is a DISPLACED fracture. Something that was beyond the ability of either the ER or the family practitioner to decipher.

Fucking SHIT.

Going in on Tuesday to get pins.


I have always heard from third-hand sources that the U.S. health care system is in dire straits. Now I know why.


*hugs* =( That sucks, to say the least. Tuesday huh? >.< I'm hoping everything goes smoothly! *tosses you a Senzu Bean*
I hope they fix it right this time. Ouch, that smarts. :(
*gives you a bag of plush furries* Good luck, hope you get better!
*hugs* I wish there was something I could do ...
Sorry to hear that, babe.

*sends long range hugs and fuzzles*


ignore my icon

I am sorry to hear about this :(
*flexes ears* health care services suck no matter where you go...however I am sorry that you have to have an operation...I hope you heal quickly.
Very sorry to hear about this. I hope it heals fast once you get the right treatment.
Ugh! Hope your recovery time is quicker because of the surgery!

I'm STILL mad about this. Bastards ... making you walk around in a splint for a week when you needed surgery.

And like I said on the phone, call me as soon as you feel up to it afterwards. Miss you.
eEp! Not gooooood~!

*sends hugs* I'll see you when I visit, and I'll worship the very ground you sit on and make you feel better, I promise you!