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Kittens +  Grenade

Friday, they say???

Fucking GREAT.

I can't get this damn thing in a stable cast until Friday. That is the soonest the bone specialist is available.

My boss is pretty pissed (can't go in to work until it's casted), and so am I.

Well... Kabu's latest does make me feel better. And, it will be nice being able to chat to otana for the week.

Perhaps if I keep my dosage of vicodin steady, this won't suck quite so much.

Still, I'm really, REALLY tired of feeling the bones in my ankle grate with every step I take with those crutches. Damn HMO.


Eep! FRIDAY? OUchus!!!! >.< *offers hugs*

EEEE I worship you for mentioning the Kabu goodness! *worshipworship droooooooools*
*snuggle* I'll sacrifice a cock to Aesculapius, the ancient god of medicine, that you may heal faster.

Now I just have to decide whose cock to sacrifice....
I'd suggest those of the executives at Mana's HMO.
Trust me, that was one of the first sources that occurred to me. It's such a different medical response than what I dealt with in my teen years when I sprained my ankle or dislocated my thumb.

Admittedly, that was Iowa, twenty years ago, and in a college town....but still!
*hugs you tight*

Poor baby ... that sucks so much. Ugh. And I doubt you calling on Friday would have made much difference either.
Broken bones rubbing along some body parts truly suck! *hugs* It will get better, it will go away eventually, be strong and do anything you still can enjoy without feeling pain, so time passes along more quickly. Unfortunately, that is the only support I can give you right now *sighs*.