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Kittens +  Grenade

The Fibula Incident

At this point, no doubt everyone has heard that I have broken my ankle.

It is mortally embarrassing every time I have to recount how... leading to the parking lot of the apartment complex, there is a rough area where tree roots have grown up and split the asphalt. I was walking to my car, not really paying attention because I was late and was trying to brush the rest of my wet hair out, when I stumbled on it in my (cough) high heels. (Don't worry, whatever variety of stupid & clumsy you can call me, I have already called myself.) My left slipped, I tried to rebalance onto my right, which landed on the edge of the crack. Slip - SNAP - fall gasping and crying out in pain. (Not looking for sympathy points, that's just what happened.)

I lay there making painful noises for a while until I could sit up a bit and look at it. The ankle seemed.... misshapen. I didn't, at that point, think it was actually broken. Dislocated perhaps. I'd never broken a bone before, I didn't suppose it could actually HAPPEN. Oh, I knew it *could* happen, in theory, but.... yeah. Thought it would take more than that, or hurt even worse, gods know.

I tried yelling for Sardonicus from the parking lot, but... well, my voice just isn't very loud. Never, EVER have I regretted not having my cell phone in my purse as much as this moment. Of course, I still don't have our vonage number programmed in, so I wouldn't have known what to dial... but still.

So... I couldn't put any weight on it. I tried to pull up on the fence, but it just wasn't gonna happen, the pain when I shifted the position of the limb was clear enough. Hopping was out of the question even if I could keep my balance. I decided to inch/crawl along the 20 feet to the door until I was close enough for him to hear me. He looked out the window, grabbed a robe, and carried me inside. <3<3<3 Sometimes I have wished we had one of the upper apartments, this is not one of those times.

I tried calling my PCP, because after all it wasn't life-threatening, but could not make my way through the damn phone system so I gave up and called 911. Despite it not being a priority emergency, the hunky paramedics got there quite quickly... :3 The cutest one had lovely tats on his arms, too. I wish he'd been the one sitting with me in back instead of driving, I wanted to ask about them... *sigh* It would have been a lovely distraction from the pain, which at that point was causing tears to run down my cheeks. It would have been far too easy to just cry like a wuss several times, usually when I was left alone with nothing to distract. But I knew that being hysterical woudln't help anything, so I tried really hard to breathe slow and be as calm as possible.

Ambulances really need better shock systems, those things are more damn rickety than any car I know.

Sardonicus - who was being an absolute doll, packing up my purse and getting supplies just in case, and coming with me in the ambulance - went around to sign me in while they took me in to get on the bed... and things are a little fuzzy there, I think I was mostly trying not to cry too badly. The pain was odd... it's almost as if the pain sensors tap out at some point. Technically it didn't feel much worse than a badly stubbed toe. But I was panting and tearing and trying not to sob - it was like the physical reactions to the pain kept elevating, even if my brain couldn't register any higher levels of it.

I got asked the same questions several times - same ones the paramedics had asked (did I hit my head, was I bleeding anywhere, did anything else hurt, was I on any medications [zoloft], did I have any other medical conditions, how did it happen... there goes the embarassment factor of explaining that I was in high heels again). The doctor, a kind lady with light brown hair and a friendly triangular face, unwrapped the ice pack the paramedics had put on, took one look and declared it broken. She had some concern that my knee might be fractured as well, because apparently that's a common secondary injury to this kind of break. It wasn't, though they did x-ray it just to be sure. *shrugs*

The fracture looks very much like the middle picture here. However, pins will not be necessary. *yay*

The nice lady asked me if I wanted a pain shot, and I nodded enthusiastically and said something like "oh god yes please." Then things got interesting. I'm pretty sure the stuff was lidocaine, but I could be wrong, I only heard the name once and I was pretty out of it. I was given a shot of this and a shot of anti-nausea medicine to counteract the side effects, they were quite painful, but not as much as my ankle!

The psychological effects of that stuff were pretty amazing. I'd think I was scratching my head or pulling back my hair, only to open my eyes and realize I wasn't moving. I was so relaxed my mouth kept drooping open (yes, I did indeed feel like a retard, thanks). Hey, at least I didn't drool - the med dried out my mouth. Thank goodness for small favors. My balance centers were completely out (not to mention the fairly constant hallucinations that I was doing something that I wasn't. I even thought I was reading a newspaper article at one point).

Despite the lovely effects of this stuff, that didn't help me when it came time to splint my ankle. They had to move it from the foot's reasonably relaxed, semi-pointed position to a 90' angle. OUCH. Well, I squeezed Sardonicus' hand as hard as I could while they were at it, and made lots of noises. I wanted another dose to help with the pain, but it never happened. *shrugs* Apparently I turned as white as the hospital sheets, and I remember threatening the medics with an ice pick if only I could find one... and wanting my ankle to just be amputated...

Around then, Sardonicus noticed what time it was and figured part of the problem was likely blood sugar, so I got some lovely hospital food. Dried-out London broil and funky potatoes or not, it was just what the doctor ordered, really. I wolfed the whole thing down and I felt a hell of a lot better - it probably helped raise my blood pressure as well as the sugar. I went loopy over the canned peaches, I love those. :3

A taxi was called for us, and it was a pretty uneventful ride home. Getting from the taxi to the apartment was an adventure, I did fall down, that was fun. *snorts* Scared the daylights out of the gardener, who'd been watering down the sidewalk. Serves him right, mwaha.

sardonicus had to go into work then. I called around, but eventually had to rely on chythar to pick up my vicodin prescription... had a very difficult time sleeping the afternoon away, as I wanted to, because of the pain before that. The cell phone was absolutely jumping with people ranging from my boss to my moms, and talking to otana was every bit as effective a pain reliever as the medication itself. *smiles* Poor dear, she's had a worse time of it than I! She wants nothing more than to be here and take care of me, and that's something I want as well. She said she almost wished it was something more serious so that she could rationalize jumping on a plane to come over here... I said that could be arranged! Much chastising and hilarity ensued. Laughter and love are the best medicines. *saccharine*

So..... the Fur-b-q is pretty much out... though admittedly I've considered bumming a ride from wolfwings or summat, that has possibilities. I'll do some sniffing around, I'd hate to thrash sardonicus' birthday! What is the world coming to, when fibulas can just up and snap whenever they feel like it, heedless of other people's plans? (to paraphrase my mother's lunatic husband)

Driving in to work will be interesting. Or rather, transportation will be, because I can't DRIVE with my right foot like this. Perhaps I can hitch a ride with a coworker. Well, such details will be worked out. All such details will be worked out...

But now it's time for more vicodin...



*offers choco-pop*...icepacks in other places can help too...*snerks*

I've had major joint injuries...but the sense of pain was different than you described...more dull and just _there_ like a huge mass swelling beneath you...*eyes himself as he rambles...coughs*...ahm anyway...I know otana was pretty freaked out...*smiles*...but we tried to hold her hand until you could get home...

someone needs to get you a big pile of DBZ tapes to watch during your confinement...*snerks*

seizure later...


Eeek!! I'm glad you're doing okay now -- no pins is definitely good -- but still, eek! *hugs*

Don't feel too dumb about the heels thing. I can't even wear them anymore, because I broke my foot a few years ago. When I did that, I wasn't even walking on uneven pavement, really; I stepped over a place where the pavement dropped about 1/2 an inch, and suddenly my foot twisted for no apparent reason. Snap!

I wasn't in a walking cast, but I did manage to drive a stickshift truck with my cast on. I'm sure you'll work out your transportation issues.

And I don't know if you're into this, but meditation helped me a lot. I got out of my cast 6 weeks earlier than they'd predicted, and although I can't prove it had anything to do with meditation boosting my healing rate, it sure felt like it did.

Anyhow, *hugs* again! Hope you're feeling better soon!

I can drive! *poing*poing*ferret*poing*

Actually... heck, I can drive your car and drop you off at work and pick you up each day. I work shorter hours than you, start later, and end earlier last I heard. Would that work? =^.^=

And I'd have no problem just driving Sardonicus to the Fur-B-Q if you didn't want to go too. I could come back and relax/tend to you if you didn't feel up to going for whatever reason? *noses*

Re: I can drive! *poing*poing*ferret*poing*

o.O Do you work close enough to do that?? If you can, that would be AWESOME.

I'm sure Sardonicus would appreciate help with chores as well, should you be a regular visitor. ;) Everything suddenly got dumped on him, PLUS whatever I need him to do for me.
Well this is the first I have heard. I hope you heal fast. And if I were you, ditch the heels. Now that you have broken it you will probably always be a bit weak in that ankle.
*sigh* yeah.... problem is, I liked them a lot. They helped my flat arches, too, as odd as it sounds - they were actually recommended by my podiatrist.

*sighs mournfully* You're probably right tho, about being weak in that one... actually, I did sprain one of my ankles when I was about 13, during the Northridge quake. It may very well have been this one, I'd have to ask my parents.
Don't feel stupid ... just unlucky. Lots of people wear heels, and sooner or later all of them are gonna take a spill one way or another. Yours was just worse than most. :(

*hugs* Get better soon!
I broke my foot when I stepped on someone's foot while dancing. My best friend broke both her elbows while putting on her gloves (then fell down the stairs) and rat's ex broke her arm eating pizza.

Welcome to the club!

I can totally relate to what you were saying about the pain, and how after a while it goes a little fuzzy as your pain receptors shut down from the overload, yet the rest of your body reacts to the increased pain. It's really a strange sensation. I have been in a lot of pain many times in my life for lots of different reasons. It's so fun!

I am glad you are fixed up and home. Hope you are able to take a few days off to begin your recovery. Don't push yourself and don't feel bad about taking the pain pills if you need them. Your entire body needs to heal from the trauma and rest is the best medicine.

Thinking about you!
Eek! That sounds horrible! I've never broken bones before *knocks on wood*, so I couldn't imagine that sensation. And thank goodness you won't need pins!! I know the wearing high heels thing and then breaking your ankle is a bit embarrassing, but that can happen to anyone. Don't get me started on how many times I've twisted my ankle, while I was barefoot! >.> I'm just glad that things aren't worse than they could have been. It seems you're on the path to recovery XD *huggles*
*big eyes* Ya know what would help... Kabu art! Need Kabu art for recovery! Yes!

*grins shamelessly*
Holy crap!

I just found this on LJ.

I'm intensely sortry ot hear this, Sarah.
I understand perfectly about not wanting ot go out for a while- I didn't feel like moving around much after shattering that toe 'bout 10 years ago....

If it helps any, You remember my massive motorcylce boots?
I stopped wearing them specifically because I kept tripping over cracks and short steps- and nearly broke an ankle more times than I care to think about.
And those things have big, thick, wide heels, too!

Let me know if I can help out any, okay?


*chuckles* Actually, I may feel like going to the furbq, if for no other reason than because I will NOT be driving! Plus, I'm an attention whore. *blushes* I'm actually in very good spirits, considering. I just know I'm going to be bored out of my mind before this thing is healed - there's nothing wrong with my brain, after all!

Will probably bring a sketchbook and beg pity sketches offa people or something. *grins*
Blasted LJ won't let me post half the time......

Sorry to hear about this, Sarah.
Anything I can do to help?

If it makes you feel any better, I don't wear those massive motorcycle boots anymore because the 2 inch tall heels made me trip over every damn short step and crack in the paving..
I can't count the number of times I nearly broke an ankle that way- and those boots have WIDE heals!

Let me know if I can help out in any way, okay?


LJ's being quite the torotise over the past few days. ;)
Wow... I hope you feel better!

I've never broken a bone before, but I've messed up my finger pretty badly once - and I remember it just sucked because I had to lay there and not move or else it just hurt worse... But Bit 'o Honey helped... (or just about any candy)

High heels can be murder ^.^... I only wear platform heels if I do wear heels...

Noriko says that when you break a bone, it gets stronger after it heals... instead of weaker... so I hope your ankle becomes stronger =)

hugs from Mom

Once you're out of the cast, let's talk rehab. The secret of full recovery is to fully strengthen the muscles and re-establish range of motion.

I sprained an ankle very badly as a teen. The worst accident I ever had around horses, and I got it by vaulting over a bleacher at a horse show. It had to be cast, and was weak for years and years afterwards, until I had an eval by a trainer, who had me doing ankle exercises forever -- but they worked. That ankle ended up more stable than the uninjured one

Sorry, I don't remember which ankle you sprained in the quake. Given your description of the current accident, I'm not sure it would have been a contributing factor.

Keep the heels. Just pay attention to where you put your feet.

'Nuff advice. Rest well, giggle much, my sweet.
I am sorry to hear about the pain, it sounds much worse than what happened to me yesterday. :(
But you are a brave girl.
*huggles and gives manawolf a bag of chocolate and a bag of marbles* now one is to eat and one is to play with... i often get them mixed up... ^_^ take care and get well... i think the chocolate is for eating but the marbles look tasty...
Just honestly can't think of anything to say ... more than I have already. *hugs you tight*

Love you so much, don't you DARE hurt yourself like that again! At least not until I can be there to look after you.

*tearful glare*
*purrrs* I'll do my absolute best, honey!