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Kittens +  Grenade


Alright, so.... I'm still wavering on the Fur-b-q. I was sure I wasn't, then I wasn't so sure, and... I'm still not entirely sure I want to go, but it seems a lot of people want to see me. *smiles* Go fig.

Chythar came by last night to take Sardonicus to work out, and dropped off a bag of stuff. "I tripped over the box this was in!" ... Uh huuuh. I'm not entirely sure what I am supposed to feel re this statement, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to be coerced into feeling it. If I sound bitter... well, going through some old entries has unearthed some things, none of which I am able to describe at the moment, except perhaps by comparing it to stirring a stick in at the bottom of a lake and then it is all murky and icky.

I need to lure more birds to the garden or something, bugs are eating my roses to pieces.

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Geez, so many people fretting about stuff. Oh, I may or may not go to AC. Oh, I may or may not go to the beach.

If you think you'll have fun, go! Life is too short to worry about who will be where or what might happen if you bump into someone you don't care for. Go out and have a good time and if you meet someone you don't like, just be civil and keep on having a good time! Living well is the best revenge, after all.

*snug* You and a couple of others I know really do worry too much.
The past few times I've gone and bumped into someone with whom I had issues, it put a damper on the whole day. Last time, it was one person - this time, it will most likely be three.

Also, I did not really enjoy myself the last time I went. The activities are not generally those I enjoy. Last time I ended up wandering around by myself, mopey, waiting for the thing to break up so we could go to the afterparty.

So no, I DON'T think I'll have fun, thank you very much. There is only a slight chance of it, and I have to weigh that against past experience and certain discomfort.

The attitude of "don't worry be happy" is truly wasted on those for whom it is effortless.

How about, instead...

...I come over to your place, and we see about having a mini-gather at your place to relax and chatter, maybe head out to a cafe, THEN we go to the 'afterparty' once we're nice and sure it's started, and just skip the sandy part? =^.^=
It's not an attitude of "Don't worry; be Happy." I don't hold with that "Smile even when you're screaming" thing, I really don't. It's more an attitude of "It's my life and I'm going to have a little fun!" than anything else. Letting others ruin your good times for whatever reason seems to be giving them power over you. You're stronger than that - just talking with you that one time in Memphis struck me with the impression that you take life by the horns alot. Why is this any different?

I hope you have a fun time this weekend, whatever you do.
Gee, and all this time I thought it was chemical depression, when all I needed was an attitude adjustment.

I understand you meant it well, but from my perspective it very much feels like belittling my problems. "Oh, you can be happy if you just try!" ... Uh huh.

If it really was no different from your singular impression of my life attitude garnered from a brief meeting, and it really was that easy, why the fuck would I be having a hard time with it?

Telling me to just decide to have a good time is like telling someone with muscular dystrophy to just get out there and dance.
I'm sorry if I sounded belittling. Twas not meant to be so. It is in my nature to assist and repair and sometimes I don't know when I should just leave my big muzzle shut.

If it matters, I've battled the manic-depression demon myself. My life has been a series of buildups to great successes that I've always managed to handgrenade in spectacular fashion right at the end. But no more. We can talk about that in a more secure locale sometime later if you want. For now, for what good it does, know that you are an impressive person with impressive talents, and that some wolves have more empathy than sense.

My apologies if I've offended you. No, it's not a little problem at all.
I still remember watching the rabbits near the train tracks. =};-3

Unfortunately, I can't make it this year, either. I have an animation exposition I've volunteered for and it will be going on all day and well into the evening.
I will hang out with yoU!
I have to say the prospect of hanging out with you and Xian is tempting...

a few random thoughts from Mom

1. Sometimes when people say, "have a nice day," it is a wish, not a suggestion. I like to take that interpretation, since I don't do well with other people telling me how to feel, but I can use all the good wishes, warm thoughts, and blessings I can get.

2. My favorite quote from Zen philosopher Alan Watts:
The best way to make muddy water clear is to leave it alone.

Given my own propensities to jump in and create havoc, or poke hornets' nests, this has become something of a personal mantra. Clear water . . . clear water . . .
Well, I can understand if you don't want to go, dear.

I have to be there myself- kind of volunteered to do some stuff like run the grill, set up a canopy and the like.

I think I need ot log in more often- I usually forget and just cruise the non-logged buddies list of recent entries.

Hopefully, I will manage to come visit some time- now that I am THIS close to finally getting out from under the crushing commission demon....