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Last night we had connection problems.... and apparently Semagic, for once, did not magically save my big long draft of a journal entry. Nothing important, just a post to my_cat_is_satan about Kashini. Even though I'd already tried to post the bitch, but was unable to because the Interweb was incommunicado.

Sorry all, the bird didn't make it. Apparently died a few hours after Sardonicus got it in. The only injury, though, was a dislocated leg. *rolls eyes* Oi... what animal besides a bird will die from a dislocated leg... and shock. *hypothetical question* Anyway, it was tenacious, and I'm glad I did what I could. It certainly had a better death than it would have at the claws of Atticus.

Hmmm... this is the first time ever I've seen my clown loach actually eating a snail. Usually he just dances with Bull the betta.

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