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Kittens +  Grenade


Last night we had connection problems.... and apparently Semagic, for once, did not magically save my big long draft of a journal entry. Nothing important, just a post to my_cat_is_satan about Kashini. Even though I'd already tried to post the bitch, but was unable to because the Interweb was incommunicado.

Sorry all, the bird didn't make it. Apparently died a few hours after Sardonicus got it in. The only injury, though, was a dislocated leg. *rolls eyes* Oi... what animal besides a bird will die from a dislocated leg... and shock. *hypothetical question* Anyway, it was tenacious, and I'm glad I did what I could. It certainly had a better death than it would have at the claws of Atticus.

Hmmm... this is the first time ever I've seen my clown loach actually eating a snail. Usually he just dances with Bull the betta.


=( That's unfortunate. But what's done is done. I'm such the little guy was appreciate. Who want's to be plucked and eaten by a mischevous cat? The important thing is that everyone did what they could ^.^
what animal besides a bird will die from a dislocated leg... and shock.

It's a hypothetical question, sure... but I'll answer it anyway. Since organisms have their systems constantly trying to be at a balance point (yay homeostatis!) even something relatively minor (like a dislocated leg) can be pretty bad, depending. I've heard about a few people who accidentally injured themselves (a man who accidentally shot hisself in the foot with a gun, for instance) and promptly died because of system shock.

So... humans can die from very little, just like birds.
Small birds like sparrows are extremely fragile to begin with- and young ones just fledging out have very little reserve energy to deal with traumatic injury.
There is also the possibility tha tthe cat managed to crush down with his/her jaws and cause internal ruptures that left no surface evidence. (Saw that happen once or twice while breeding parakeets, years agone.)

As for satan cat...
Yes, Kashini definitely qualifies in my mind.....
As does Fireball, unless he has finaly calmed down a bit.
(My balls still throb in memory of him managing to get a claw into them through my pants....)

Going to be at the furBQ next saturday?
(June 26th.)