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Saiyajin Female

Hair Porn

Oh the lust....


Mmmnnn... I've been to that site before and gotten all drooly over the sticks. Pretty pretty.

I'm not particularly good with sticks, myself, but I've made a couple of pairs as gifts. You can get sticks and tons of beads at www.firemountaingems.com , if you're interested.
Don't pay those prices!!!

FireMtn Gems has all this, at *much* lower prices!

And hairsticks are fun and easy to make...take it from someone who learned the hard way...
Oh yeah? Hmmmm.... *ponders*

Remember the kitty?

Mana, I've tried phone and yahoo, but havent had luck with either one, so I thought I would try here. please, call me some time, I'd love to visit whenever I can get persmission. my number is 323-329-0014 *hugs you softly* really love to see you at some point.