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Kittens +  Grenade

Halloween Pic!

... This wasn't REALLY a Halloween pic, but I drew it at the right time and it kinda places Chythar and me in, uh, costume, so.... here's a DBZ spoof featuring Chy and I!

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HA That's awesome XD I love all the movement in the dust
Thanx! It's so OOC of me to blow up a stadium full of people... if anything I'm more goody-two-shoes than Chythar! But what the hell, I'm the one obsessing over Vegeta, I'm the most likely to be taken over by his personality.... Right? That's what I tell myself anyway. ;D



Aww the expression on Cythars face is priceless, not to mention cute in that menacing way.
Hehehehehe. Why do I keep hearing, "Now your a burned fur" over and over while looking at the neat-as-hell picture? :)
Nice suite
Nice Spiky tail and hair
Nice Smirk....


must go find coffee