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Kittens +  Grenade

Work news for all of you.

Bad news: didn't pass the spelling test.
Good nest: HR director is going to formulate a new one just for me 'cause I can't take the same test twice. *bounces* Gave me the old one to study. Dangit, choosing the right spelling between stuff like "Liason" and "Liaison" is HARD!

Who knew my weakest point in elementary school English would come back to bite me in the ass now?


Awww... Take heart in that I too failed English at school and not only do I live in the country but I also cant spell for toffee. But! I still earn loadsa money and it didnt even vaguely affect that ;)

*chuckle* Actually I was always very good in English (with a published author for a mother I'd better be)... but out of that, spelling's my weakest point. My worst subject, period, would either be math or history... whichever requires the most rote memorization. n_n

I don't Do memorization.
I don't see why spelling is such a big deal... provided, of course, that you are able to distinguish homonyms by meaning. This place you're applying to does have spell-check software, doesn't it? o_o

In Theory...

Yeah, but... the part I'm testing for is proofing, wherin you need to visually check the ad for errors. Theoretically you should be able to spot mis-spelled words on sight so they don't go to print... thing is if I see a word I'm not sure of I just pick up a damn dictionary! I don't NEED to know the words on sight to do the job, but I do to pass the test to get the job. :P