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Flist maintenance

So I just did an F-list purge. I'm very liberal with my friends list - if someone friends me, I will usually friend back once I get around to noticing, unless the profile sets off any red flags or something. (I'll do that shortly.)

This time around though, I un-friended people who didn't have me friended anymore. I'm only reading an extremely select group of close friends and family with any regularity, anyway.

LJ's new (?) green and blue arrows have made this a far more doable task than it would have been otherwise. ^_^ Hooray LJ!

EDIT: Forgot to mention - if you really wanna stay, comment. This isn't "You are kicked out forever," it's "You didn't have me friended, so I figure you don't care if I have you friended, natch?"
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Gaming win

I just beat the Tower of Druaga! *dances* Ow. *dances carefully*

Plus I haven't had to take any vicodin today. I'm not pain-free, but I went out shopping to get milk this morning all by myself. Without painkillers. I'd rather not be in any pain at all, but having it at a tolerable level is a relief.
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Waking up in pain does not improve my temperament.

I'm also more than a little pissed off at the time I've had to take away from work. Things were finally starting to look really damn good - I was getting in on a lot of very neato keen projects that were directly up my skill alley, making great impressions on people in high-up places, and then THIS happens and I get to work less than 1.5 days out of the entire fucking week.

God dammit. Well... I will put in some good time embroidering Otana's jeans, anyway.

So not even going in to the problems I'm having with insurance. Just... not going there. Because I will end up punching something I'm sure.
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Druaga, DQ, etc.
Second verse, same as the first...
Druaga and Ragnarok... with an exceedingly weird Ura section.
And now, some normal Druaga art. This one made me squee like a little girl and almost crack a tooth on my ring as I whipped my hand up to cover my mouth.

At any rate, I'm home sick. I've had wicked stomach pain since dawn Saturday, it actually had me checking my temperature to make sure I didn't have TSS or something. It's really frustrating, aside from curling up and whimpering now and then (or limping when it hurts to walk), I feel okay; no fever, no nausea aside from that caused by the pain itself, nothing else to go on.

If this doesn't cut out soon, I may take a trip to the urgent care ward; it isn't as bad as that one time my appendix decided to tie itself in knots (then, I could barely walk), but it does make me think of it. Could be I have a "grumbling" appendix, though this time I can't pinpoint the pain to any single quadrant - if anything it's on the left (which is the wrong side).

And I'm not ignoring you talonsage, I just have no focus. :(
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Za Towa oh Druanga!

Aaahahahaha I'm such a geek.

Got badly stuck on level 59... can't seem to get past the cavalcade of wizards. I did once, and then Druaga raped me in the ass. So I am checking out Strategywiki, though I'm not certain how much good it will do as there are a few corrections I could make to their text. In the meantime I run into obscenely cute things like this and this, which feeds my inner(?) geek to no end.

Then there's all this "Druaga Online" stuff... I have no idea what that's all about.

Whether I end up being able to beat it or not, I've got to get my hands on the other games. There are no less than five sequels. I find it hilarious how popular it is in Japan and how UNpopular it is here. Playing it reminds me of Zork... you have to do X to get the Y to get the Z, and you need Z or else you're fucked when you get to level 30. It's obscenely frustrating and incredibly addictive.

I'm not a very good gamer... I'm just persistent.
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So my office is moving here in October (so the plan goes). Hmmm... longer commute and fewer places to eat within walking distance, BUT, real nice landscaping and about ten billion amenities in the building itself. And, the possibility of actual cubes instead of an open desk workstation with no privacy whatsoever. Plus our department will be on the floor with the rest of admin, which will make it clear that we ARE admin as opposed to, oh, glorified file clerks.

On a more geeky note... Birth of the Firebringer is a TRILOGY? I just died and went to heaven! I re-read my copy last night and was reminded precisely how much I loved this book, with its fierce rainbow-hued unicorns who spoke and fought with grphyons and wyverns, passing on oral tradition by moonlight and embarking upon rite-of-passage pilgrimages across the plains. As I closed the book (entirely far too late for a worknight), I thought wistfully how much it seemed to hint at more story. If only there was more...

And apparently, there is. I MUST OWN.

I'd also like to get my hands on The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West. Mom let me read her copy, but I don't believe I ever had one of my own as she guarded hers jealously (with good reason). Time to change this! Yet another that appears to be part of a series, unbeknowst to myself.

I am such a fucking geek for young adult SF/F. Often I wish the book were longer or went into more detail, but you don't get much material like Dragon's Blood or Nightpool aimed at older audiences. And yes, I have read The Magic And The Healing; I didn't really like it at the time... I think it lost me on the medical jargon and it struck me as profoundly depressing. Well, maybe I should give it another shot.

Right now I'm working through the books that flooded over from my mom. I gave up on The Master a couple chapters in, and now I'm happily working through The Dolphins of Altair, written in the '60s and set in the future, which rather prophetically mentions conflict in the Middle East. Cute.